15 Photos Prove That Relationships Are All About Having Fun Together

“I introduced my parents to gel guns today.”

“…so my wife and I came across a ’Fertility Stone’ in Ireland.”

“My wife and I won the funniest costume at the party.”

“My parents sent me this from their retirement community today.”

“My wife and I went retro for our Christmas card portrait this year.”

“My wife and I have kept this picture above our toilet for 5 years now.”

“The best way to prank both families at the same time.”

“My momma sent me this in a Snapchat today.”

“My son was really excited when my wife and I agreed to a Pokémon-themed Halloween until he saw my costume.”

“This is the photo my fiancé and I did for our wedding invitations….”

“Dear Wife, hold my hand, not hold my head!!”

“My wife and I just bought our first bulk buy hot sauce. We’re very proud.”

“At 15 weeks pregnant, my wife finally let us announce it on Facebook.”

“My wife and I went to Disney World. Also, the kids came.”

“My wife and I have done serious pics for every major life event.”

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