15 Photos Show That The Matrix Exists

“Some “copy and paste” job”

“That’s not a fish. That’s a real bug in the system.”

“I think this coffee machine is flirting with me.”

“There appears to be a glitch in the Matrix.”

“Someone has hacked the dress code.”

“Mario was supposed to be in red, but something went wrong.”

“A glitch, a couple of twins, or a Photoshop edit?”

“Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!”

“This time, it’s definitely time to reboot.”

“Fashion mode settings in progress…”

“Find the 10 differences.”

“Went to a book shop with my friend and the Matrix glitched (he’s the bald one with glasses in black).”

“Oh, that’s what “trinity” actually means.”

“The laws of gravity don’t work here.”

“Error 404 — room not found.”

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