15 Photos Show That You Can’t Hide Anything From X-Rays

“I work at a vet clinic and X-rayed a chicken for fun.”

“An ordinary pacemaker looks like something from a different world.”

“A cat X-ray reveals a whole lot of bones inside.”

“This great hammerhead can be up to 2 meters in length.”

“And owls are not as simple as they look…”

“Blood vessels in a hand”

“Airport security must have been really surprised when they saw…a dog!”

“A passenger wanted to transport a small chihuahua.”

“This bat X-ray is like a Rorschach test — you could stare at it forever.”

“Okay, maybe it’s time to stop wearing heels?”

“A flying fox looks like a frog.”

“Looks like a Tim Burton movie shot!”

“We sometimes look like this…”

“…or like this!”

“And this hawk looks really funny in this X-ray shot.”

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