15 Photos That Are Such A Wonderful Surprise

’’I met Jim Carrey! I never thought he’d be cool with making faces with me, but he was totally down.’’

’’The hairiest, most goofy-looking llama I saw in all of Peru’’

’’I did an art exchange. I made some paper art and he made me a puppet of myself! Best deal ever.’’

’’My son smiled sweetly at the barista and got this hot chocolate in return.’’

’’My brother drove 9 hours overnight to surprise my mom with her niece.’’

’’My new security camera surprised me with a beautiful photo of a flying bird.’’

’’I was looking in my mom’s college yearbook and came across a familiar face.’’

’’I sent my girlfriend a postcard a few months ago. Today, she gave me a new pair of shoes.’’

’’My father found my baby blanket and gave it to me for Christmas.’’

’’25 years later I discovered I’m in the Notre Dame Hall of Fame because I photobombed the photo.’’

’’I got lucky to get this crazy long mutant Dorito.’’

’’Do you know the feeling you get when the middle seat is open next to you on a flight? I can beat that.’’

’’I found this while cleaning out my grandma’s house.’’

’’So I came across this guy at my sister’s graduation: Professor Sir Patrick Stewart.’’

’’Since I was a kid, my mom collected everything she found in my pocket and put it in this lamp. It was her surprise for my wedding.’’

Source: brightside.me

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