15+ Pics You Need To Look Twice At To Understand

These photos are designed to play tricks on the mind and may initially appear confusing or misleading.

“I took a pic of a popped kernel I found under my microwave.”

“Angles make it look like I’m holding a giant cat.”

“A fish I made out of metal”

“This is a blanket.”

“My boyfriend is installing new wood floors on his stairs, and sent me this picture to show off his progress.”

“My friend showing me his new tattoo… but where is it?”

“View of streetlights from my moonroof.”

“It’s just a hairclip.”

“I took a picture of a glitter-coated waterdrop sitting on a feather.”

“This little bug guy was just hanging out on my storm door.”

“A hotel room (it’s not a mirror)”

“My son found this at our local dollar store and I’m so confused.”

“A broken tube TV at my work has ‘GAME OVER’ burnt into the screen.”

“The bookmark my husband got me.”

Source: brightside.me

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