15 Products To Buy If You’re Spooky But, Like, In A Cute Way

 Eye-popping hoop earrings for a bold look sure to draw admiring stares.

little kitchen witch that releases steam from pot lids and holds your spoon by riding it like a broom so you can focus on other things while your potion is simmering.

Ghostly Nintendo Switch thumb caps to haunt your console for the rest of spooky season.

An ironic Dracula garlic crusher ready to mince several cloves with a simple twist of his head. I’d wager this is easier to clean than a traditional garlic press AND it’s cute.

An embroidered ghost hat that’ll be a boo-tiful addition to your wardrobe.

 mystical wireless phone charger for anyone who prefers fantasy over the sci-fi reality we live in.

Squeeze-y monster toys sure to bring you joy and relief from the stress of making a Halloween costume.

birthday cake candelabra for anyone who wants that haunted gothic mansion charm 24/7.

ghost pattern sweater so cute, you’ll wonder if all your clothes should come with a spirit on it.

 coffin-shaped shelf for all your potions, talismans, and skulls.

 Classic pumpkin leaf bags to turn trash into decor. A Halloween trick we can all get behind!

set of Zombie Pack treatments that’ll bring your skin back to life (in a way Rick Grimes would be OK with).

 Mini bat wings so you can turn your fuzzy little kitten into a ferocious monster.

pack of fossil cookie cutters that are a din-o-mite project any time you want something sweet. Bone appetite!

Venus fly trap plant in a self-sustaining lightbulb that just needs some light and a lil’ blood. JK, but if you don’t name it Audrey II, I’m judging you.

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