15 Professionals Share What’s Common Knowledge In Their Field

Movies are made in a schedule so you can save as much time and budget as possible. The big scenes are filmed later and the dialog first, usually.

Bridges aren’t fixed at both sides, they’re traditionally pinned on one side (with two big super-pins), and just rest unfixed at the other end. This helps avoid additional stress as the bridge flexes during use and expands/contracts with temperature change.

When buying roses for someone, give the head a gentle squeeze-if it’s fresh it will be firm. If it’s squishy, it’s no good.

Don’t get married near Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. The flowers will be twice as expensive and twice as s@#tty.

Lastly, florists don’t jack up the prices on red roses on v-day to mess with you. Our wholesalers raise the prices because they have to put so much energy into growing red roses that will bloom at the right time. We never really use them except v-day and maybe Christmas. So it’s really all the people out there ordering red roses that are driving up the price. I hate them personally.

Red roses are like the Budweiser of flowers. Get your sweetie a s@#t load of tulips, or better yet a live plant. And baby’s breath smells like cat piss and dirty socks. Ask for wax flower, it smells like lemons.

The nerves in your body responsible for conveying touch sensory information conduct a current faster than the ones that are responsible for pain signals. As a result, we believe that the reason a sore spot feels better when you rub it is because the signal from your touch beats the pain signal back to your central nervous system and thus “blocks out” pain.

…”blocks out” is a bit strong language. Diminish/interferes with the pain signal may be more appropriate

Aircraft structural engineer here.

Every airplane you’ve ever flown on or ever will fly on has cracks in the structure all over the place. It’s very very common. And to add insult to injury, if an exterior crack or hole is found that could compromise the integrity of some non critical area like the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer or some piece of engine housing, the standard procedure is to just put some fancy duct tape over it until they can get it in a maintenance hanger.

Oh and also in my personal experience every aircraft is also probably missing about 20 or so fasteners or screws without anyone knowing.

(But on the bright side so nobody freaks out, aircraft are also commonly way over engineered with several backup structures so no one failure can down a plane without another failure somewhere else.)

Most hacking is about tricking the user, not the computer.

If you’re getting bit by someone, quickly push or jerk the part of you that is being bitten in the direction of the bite and pull back. The push back expands the jaw causing them to release for a second so you can pull yourself out of the bite.

There’s a tape stronger and more resilient than duct tape, that can be removed without leaving residue behind. It’s called gaff or gaffer tape. Its generally only found in theater and film backstages. It’s more expensive than duct but it’s also better. You can get it on Amazon.

Just because a language has a certain writing system doesn’t mean it’s related to other languages with the same writing system. Farsi (or Persian), for example, uses the Arabic script, but it’s more closely related to English than Arabic.

Alzheimer’s is only one form of dementia. Dementia is an umbrella term, Alzheimer’s is the most common diagnosed. Others include vascular, Lewy body and Korsakoff’s dementia

Light moves at the speed of light through space (duh)

Resting mass like us (call it frozen energy if you want) moves at the speed of light through time

Mass with velocity moves at the speed of light at an angle between the two, hence relativity.

It’s actually super easy to pick most locks used on homes. I could teach a complete novice the basics in 15 minutes. It’s a scary thought, but on the other hand that means more people are being law abiding citizens and not breaking into your home.

…I should’ve been clearer, I work as private security as well as a consultations for designing secure architecture.

It’s just that old paradox of the best way to keep people out is knowing how to break in.

A urinary tract infection can cause mental health issues to intensify.

Pilot’s can fly an aircraft from one airport to another completely in the clouds, and can line up with a runway and land without seeing anything out the window. All navigation and lining up can be done precisely using nothing but a radio.

It’s not really possible to torque down a set of bolts onto the top of a nuclear reactor assembly by conventional means, so instead, the head assembly is heated up while the bolt is cooled with liquid nitrogen, correspondingly expanding the reactor top and shrinking the bolts. They are then torqued into place and allowed to thermalize, resulting in something like 1/4 million foot-pounds of torque holding the assembly together.

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