15 Strange Creatures Who Look Too Weird To Be Real

“A close up of possibly one of the cutest moths I’ve ever seen”

“My mother and girlfriend found this on the beach today.”

“Looks like a typical tree monitor, but in black.”

“A male polyphemus moth”

“A Madagascar moon moth — a moth that is a giant in the world of moths”

“This beautiful, colorful sea slug looks like it’s on fire.”

“Demon-horned orb weaver, a spider species that has giant stiff horns so that predatory birds will have trouble trying to swallow them and choke”

“This is a glass squid, along with the same squid a moment after it was removed from the water.”

“Took this photo on the roof of the building where my apartment is. The fly wouldn’t move, even when I came very close.”

“Crown jellyfish, 95% water”

“A very big bug”

“This is not an alien! It is the lobster moth caterpillar found in the Netherlands.”

“Found this little buddy under a chunk of cement. I don’t know what it is.”

“I found a luna moth on my hike today.”

“A thorny devil found in central Australia”

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