15 Times Kids Astounded Us With Their Creativity

“My 3-year-old, playing hide and seek”

“Not to brag, but my daughter has me ranked as the eleventh best dad.”

“I was almost certain that my kid ate his dinner. Well, joke’s on me…”

“You let your kid’s little buddy come over and then go do laundry for 15 minutes and come back to this…”

“My niece only takes 1 bite out of each cookie because they ’aren’t the same.’”

“My kid was playing hide and seek. This was her hiding spot.”

“Here’s a picture my mom took of young me (allegedly, I was mad because she kept taking photos of me).”

“10 minutes into a road trip…”

“My daughter’s sad…mermaid?”

“My 3-year-old decided to put lipstick on everywhere except for her lips.”

“My friend and I are plastering our faces because why not?”

“When your little princess wants to help you get ready for work”

“My daughter fell asleep in a laundry hamper with a lantern.”

“My daughter likes to play dress-up with her auntie’s dog.”

“His hide and seek skills are reaching a whole new level.”

Source: brightside.me

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