15 Times When Customer Service Was Outstanding

“In an Arab hotel, they put a small box with ‘little luxuries’ along with the toothpaste.”

“I opened it just now. There were 2 pantyliners, band-aids, and Alka-Seltzer inside.”

“The best cappuccino is made in Buenos Aires.”

“This is a real treat for those with the painful periods. These are sanitary pads with a warming effect.”

“They delivered our pizza slightly crumpled and late, but it was delicious. I decided to leave a review, and they offered me another pizza for free.”

“The seller packed my AliExpress order with heart-shaped bubble wrap.”

“Tampons, deodorant, hand cream, and individual terrycloth towels. And all of them are in the toilet of a regular café.”

“A robot cat waiter at my local restaurant”

“There is a service in Tokyo that allows you to order a coffee with the help of a messenger, and then pick it up at a specified time.”

“I was choosing markers from a box. The sales assistant brought me another box, saying, “You look so inspired, take another one!”

“At the end of our vacation, the waiter brought us a hand-written recipe. Guys, it’s really tasty!”

“Free tampons and sanitary pads in the bathroom”

“I was sitting alone, so a waiter came up to me and put this baby on my table to keep me a company.”

“In the middle of the night, we found out that a delivery service in Tokyo provides a code for 2,000 yen.”

“We put up an order in a hurry while it was still available. This is what we got for 26 yen ($0.23).”

“Extra gifts from the seller”

“We had dinner and said to the waiter that the mutton was a bit too salty. He replied that he’d bring us some complimentary fruit.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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