15 Times Your Loved One Made A Big Mistake

“Wife tried to shred a metal card”

“My husband insists this is normal..”

“The way my husband cut this pie”

“My wife went crazy looking for the ice tray she put in the freezer this morning .. we definitely had a good laugh when we finally found where it was”

“I tore my rotator cuff so my husband told me he’d finish the interior painting on our downstairs. He says he’s done.”

“My partner ordered a book. The packaging was ripped and this was all I saw.”

“My wife never reattaches lids to anything completely…”

“My wife, who calls me “Poop”, made lunch for me this morning to take to work. My coworkers all thought I was gross.”

“I forgot to open the cereal before my wife got to the box and this is the result”

“The way my wife opens and leaves the bread”

“The way my husband unpacked the book boxes”

“My wife and the way she cuts the butter”

“How my wife lets the razor sharp knives dry. :/”

“Noticed something odd about the Happy Bday balloons my wife put up”

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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