15 Very Interesting Finds

A collection that showcases some of the most fascinating and unexpected discoveries.

“Bought a dresser off marketplace and found some vintage goodies & “the gloves I wore to my wedding 7-22-1949””

“Orange cloud in the sky”

“These women’s vitamins have a child-proof cap, but the men’s do not.”

“My tomatoes sprouted internally, and could only tell when I cut them open.”

“I dug up an iPad in my yard”

“My rice pointing upwards after cooking”

“Had vitrectomy surgery 3 years ago, and one pupil is always bigger than the other now”

“These AirPod Cases and Stanley Cups for Infants I Saw at Walmart”

“Someone in the neighbourhood wanted to honour their fallen mower.”

“This book I ordered 2 days ago on Amazon was printed 2 days ago.”

“The washing machine in my building reads “L o l” when you have a zero balance on your laundry card.”

“My great uncle’s “blood chit” from fighting in WWII.”

“The top is addressed to my sister, the bottom is addressed to me (male). same company, same credit card.”

“Someone paid with these colorized state quarters at the store”

“This hole in the pavement looks just like a frog”

“These pews have QR codes with apple pay”

“Sunglasses have eye print”

“You can buy bagged cooking oil where I live”

“My typewriter doesnt have a ‘1’ key”

“My yogurts from the same brand have two different spellings of the brand name.”


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