16 Amazing Portraits Of Native Americans Posing In Their Traditional Regalia

Photographer Craig Varjabedian is working with indigenous people around New Mexico to celebrate their past and their culture with the “Native Light Photo Collaboration Project”. He took care of what’s behind the frame — operating the camera — and the people themselves were responsible for everything within it — choosing clothing, regalia, and other objects that are important to them.

More info: craigvarjabedian.com | Instagram (h/t mmm)

Randale, Pow Wow Dancer, Comanche/Kiowa

Yanabah Moonsky (Sky Warrior), Diné

Diné Woman With Wedding Basket Earring

Tsiguwaenu Ohuwa Munu (Turbulent Lightning Cloud), Tewa, Nambé Owingeh

Chuugaa Hoewii (Redhawk), Tewa, Ohkay Owingeh

Larry, Eagle Dancer, Meskwaki

In The Belly Of The Bear (After A Photograph By Edward S. Curtis), Rodrigo, Chickasaw

Tanysha With Flowers In Her Hair, Keres, Kewa Pueblo

Elvin, Cree

Thamu Tsan (The Sunrise), Tewa, Nambé Owingeh

Calvert, Plains Dance Regalia, Diné

Marlene (To’dikozhi) And Jayme (Wahinkpe Wakan), Navajo And Lakota

Elk Deer, Two Term Tribal Governor, Taos Pueblo

Povi T’say (Yellowflower), Tewa, Ohkay Owingeh

Diné Tsoii (Yellowman), Diné

Chris, Deer Dance Regalia, Tewa, Ohkay Owingeh

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