16 Creepy Facts That Will Give You Chills

You won’t be needing that anymore

In the early days of denture technology, teeth weren’t made out of acrylic or porcelain…they were made of teeth. Largely they were made out of teeth that were pulled from the mouths of the dead. GNARLY.

Nice and cozy

Fred J Baur, the man who designed the now-iconic Pringles can, had part of his ashes buried in one.

I’ll be there in 2 weeks

Up until 1913, it was perfectly legal to ship CHILDREN through the US postal service.

That’s… to the point

Russia’s strategic missile troops, who are in charge of the nation’s nuclear arsenal, has a motto that goes: “After Us- Silence.”


In a failed attempt to prolong his life, former president Andrew Garfield was force fed for 80 days by his physicians… rectally.

I’ve got no liver!

Cotard delusion is a mental illness in which the sufferer believes that they are already dead and that their organs are missing.

It’s cold down here

Dead people can get goosebumps.

In the flesh

In 2014, two books at Harvard University were found to have been bound in human skin.


In 18th century London, an accepted form of payment for admission at London Zoo was a cat or dog. They were used to be fed to the lions.

The first rule of fight club…

In 2015, two NJ day care employees were arrested for starting a toddler fight club.

Pass the peas, please

If you accidentally inhale a pea whole, there’s a chance that it will sprout inside of your lung.

Yummy in my own tummy

Ribbon worms will eat themselves if there is no other food left…

Oh, nature…

Fur seals have been known to occasionally rape penguins. Excuse me??

Eat intestines, b#tch!

When threatened, Sea Cucumbers will literally expel their organs at the threat. They’ll then grow new ones.

I like to live dangerously

A spa in Jakarta uses pythons to massage customers.

He died happy

King Tut was mummified with a fully erect penis.

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