16 Foods That Are 99% Deception

“The design of this cup makes people think that there are real berries inside.”

“I feel hungry after eating this wrap.”

“My $10 Caprese panini looked so good in menu photos.”

“Opened a can of beans to find no beans at all.”

“Bought a chicken pot pie thinking it was the size of the outer tin before cutting into it and seeing this monstrosity.”

“I expected that my pizza would be slightly different than it looked on the menu. But I wasn’t ready for this.”

“They put only one banana slice in this bag of strawberry and banana smoothie mix.”

“I bought these only 2 weeks apart.”

“I expected more cheese…”

“The only glazed part is what is shown in the box.”

“I ordered an orange juice for $2.50. It was over in about 5 sips.”

“I almost poured it over my cheesecake. They put a ketchup container instead of the strawberry topping.”

“I opened my mini pop tarts and this was the first thing I saw.”

“This salmon sandwich must be a joke.”

“Decided to weigh the waffles that I bought today.”

“My cookies and cream ice cream had ZERO cookies in it.”

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