16 GIFs From Stephen King Movies To Make You Crap Your Pants

It makes sense that the master of horror’s films would have some spooky parts to make you wet yourself.

If you’re skittish, maybe skip to a different post.

Stan’s creepy painting lady, in the dark corner.

Carrie’s hand from beyond the grave

When Cujo nearly jumps in through the window

Pet Seminary
When Rachel falls from the ceiling

The Shining
Out of nowhere, Jack jumps out at Mr. Hallorann

‘Salem’s Lot
When Mr. Barlow shows up in Ned’s cell

Mike’s surprised by the ghost reflection

Children of the Corn
Vicky and Burn run over a kid

When the cockroaches burst from Upson Pratt’s mouth

IT Miniseries
When the blood balloon bursts in Beverly’s bathroom

Charlie takes care of Mr. Fallows’ wandering hand

Dolores Claiborne
Joe suddenly hits Dolores with a log

Maximum Overdrive
The attack of the killer soda cans

When Pennywise appears to grab Bev

The Shining
The sudden appearance of the twins

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