16 Hacks To Make Your Life Way Easier

“Use your spring-loaded salad tongs to keep your reusable bags open as they dry.”

“My cousin laminated all the writing sheets in his family’s board games so they can reuse them.”

“You can trim the nappy bristles off the end of your broom to make it more effective before you replace it.”

“A common runner’s trick: wear socks inside out to prevent blisters and chafing from seams.”

“Don’t have screens but don’t want your pets to get out? Use a baby gate.”

“When painting, put a garbage bag over the tray for an easier clean-up after.”

“Use an old cupcake tray to organize your nuts and bolts when dismantling something.”

“Do you need more light when you’re camping? Put a water bottle on top of your phone flashlight for a lantern effect.”

“I use an apple corer to prep my roast potatoes.”

“Fork your Oreo so your fingers never touch the milk. I just learned this at 30 years old.”

“When you have to drill holes in the wall but don’t have anyone to hold a vacuum cleaner while drilling, this method is excellent.”

“A cheap spatula prevents you from losing a remote control. I haven’t lost mine in years.”

“If you want to know how long the bulb will last, write down the date it started working.”

“Keep at least 1 empty tissue box. When you’re sick and need to keep your germs contained, the spare box makes a nifty container for used tissues.”

“Do you have a slat bed that creaks and squeaks? Slide cotton swabs under the slats where it meets the frame.”

“Does your zipper always fall down? Use a key ring to keep it up.”

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