16 Humans And Animals With Unique Body Features

“My girlfriend was born without a nail.”

“This kitten has 2 toes on one paw.”

“My friend’s pretty horse has heterochromia (2 different colored eyes).”

“My customer described her as a leucistic bison. It’s a condition that results in less pigmentation than normal.”

“My knuckles of my ring fingers are unnaturally large.”

“My kitten has hearts on her ears.”

“I have a defective pupil.”

“I was born with extremely crooked thumbs.”

“My mom’s cat was born with no tail.”

“This swan was born with a deformed bill.”

“My fingers are double-jointed.”

“I have a pear-shaped pupil!”

“Just discovered my 4-week old foster kitten has heterochromia. Only one of his eyes is changing color.”

“I’ve known people with vitiligo before, but I’ve never seen such a symmetrical pattern!”

“My teacher only has 3 fingers on his left hand and took advantage of it when he went to a museum.”

“Today I’ve learned babies can be born with highlights. Congrats, Mom and Dad!”

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