16 Interesting Historical Moments

Jammie Reynolds balances on chairs on the edge of a rooftop, 1921

“Wait for me daddy,” October 1, 1940. This little boy runs away from his mother to be with his father.

The desire for victory during the Olympic games in 1960

German women washing their clothes with cold water on a Berlin street, 1945

Crew members enjoy a film on the stern of one of the battleships, 1918

Patriotic grief of a Frenchman in March 1941

Astronauts Young and Grissom walk to the elevator for the first manned Gemini mission,1965

Flower power! Anti-Vietnam War protest at The Pentagon, 1967

A new sport called ski-sailing invented in Austria, 1938

Finally victory! People gathered in Whitehall to hear Winston Churchill’s speech, May 8, 1945

Kindness is always near. 2 children sharing a soft drink at the White House, 1922

Garry Kasparov vs Anatoly Karpov, legendary chess players in 1985, before the game

Seaside life in the Netherlands in 1937. A man stands ready to catch a woman coming down in a swallow dive.

Big tree, big saw, 1890

Tears are allowed. Korean War, 1950

Hungry child from a refugee family gets a piece of bread from a soldier in Holland, 1918

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