16 Old Things That Are So Strange

“I found an old thermometer for kids!”

“To take the temperature with this thermometer, one needs to attach it to the forehead.”

“I bowled at a vintage alley. The scores are kept on glass and projected above.”

“I finally have a Victorian bathroom to put my Victorian toilet roll holder in!”

“Turns out, it’s an old kit for storing sewing supplies.”

“Found these old shaving kits.”

“This old laptop had as a major selling point, they included a remote.”

“I found my dad’s old slide rule from college in the 1960s.”

“Antique calculator from India”

“The original car simulator back in the day”

“Antique cash register”

“Antique vending machine. Apparently, you had to pull levers to make your choice back in the day.”

“My dentist has this antique dental chair in the lobby of his office.”

“Antique Brighton washtub spotted at a secondhand appliance store”

“Found these early 1900s beard trimmers at an antiques’ fair. The patience men must have had to use them.”

“Antique handheld 3D viewer”

“I used to have an add-on camera for my cell phone back in the day.”

Source: brightside.me

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