16 People Doing A Great Job

“The cold never bothered our local princess from doing her job.”

“My little brother found a broken electric scooter at a yard sale. Mechanics spent 45 minutes working on it for him, free of charge.”

“In my hometown, there is a skate shop next to a butcher, they made a single sign. Steak on one side, skate on the other.”

“I went diving with my metal detector in a private lake and was able to return a $5,000 wedding ring that had been lost for almost 5 years!”

“My mom’s mentally challenged neighbor’s house burned down. All he has in the world are 4 cats, here is a firefighter saving one.”

“Someone took the time to fold and stack these shirts to recreate its image.”

“My friend is training to be a flight attendant, I had no idea they had to get through this to graduate.”

“The waiter at this restaurant was an amazing guy!”

“This restaurant in Japan is really private.”

“You are sitting in a corner, where no one sees you, the wall opens in front of you, and the chef’s hands come out and serve you without looking.”

“My sister-in-law is a vet tech. This is at her house. This happens to her all the time. She’s the female Ace Ventura!”

“I asked the hotel if I could bring my cat. This is what we arrived to.”

“My SO is a vet and took care of this little guy today.”

“My uncle’s husband used to be a hairdresser and turned my 93-year-old grandma from Doc Brown into a Hollywood starlet.”

“This is what happens if you tip your Egyptian hotel service generously.”

“My GF works for an airline. Part of her job is comforting puppies who have to fly alone.”

“This vet put a tiny cast on a baby hamster’s broken paw.”

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