16 Photos Prove That Not All Packages Lie

“We wish all frozen cheesecakes looked like this.”

“First time this has happened to me.”

“I am very impressed. Tastes great too!”

“Pleasantly surprised, the cream is the best part!”

“The result turned out to be just as good as they promised.”

“Microwaved pasta kit did pretty good!”

“Very close!”

“For once a pizza that can be judged by its cover.”

“I got this ice cream bar from a store in Tokyo and it was exactly the same as in the picture. Plus it was delicious!”

“It’s almost exactly the same.”

“Not bad.”

“The chocolate swirls could be bigger, but looks really nice.”

“No complaints!”

“The menu picture is lying, but we’re not disappointed.”

“The real snowman may be not that perfect, but it surely looks charming.”

“It’s much more than we expected.”

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