16 Photos Will Prove You That People Can Be A Real Monsters

“Yesterday my colleague called me a ’book murderer’ because I cut long books in half to make them more portable.”

“I like to scratch haunting things into bananas at the market so when people take them home hours later and the words appear, they think a ghost knows their secrets.”

“I don’t know why it bothers me so much.”

“My girlfriend opens cereal like a Neanderthal.”

The way this monitor was mounted on the wall

“My wife is putting this peanut butter in the trash because it’s empty…”

“How my stepdad decided to close a box of cereal last night”

“This is how my mom puts knives onto the drying rack.”

“Brought a cake into work to share and someone took all the frosting.”

“My neighbors built a deck that looks directly into my bedroom.”

The positioning of these comic books

“My husband doesn’t want the case to get scratched and cause an ’eyesore.’”

“A guy at my work never drinks the whole Coca-Cola.”

“People in my house insist on: 1, not removing all of the seal, and 2, using the same spoon for the peanut butter and the jelly.”

When someone doesn’t read the instructions:

“How my family uses a tape measure”

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