16 Problems From 2019 That Didn’t Exist 30 Years Ago

Your home deadbolt lock running out of batteries

Captain…..can I come see the cockpit?

Phone going off in a movie theater.

Kids under 10 years old being out and about with no adult supervision

Being left the fuck alone. Used to be you could disappear for the day and nobody was getting a hold of you until you came home.

Being in the toilet without your phone lol

having to unplug my book so that I can charge my cigarette.

Smoking on a plane

Trying to retire comfortably on a million dollars.

Selfie deaths. People falling off cliffs and ledges trying to take a selfie.

Having millions of people you’ve never met actively trying to dig up dirt on you and generally ruin your life because you said the wrong thing.

Measles outbreak

Fugazi playing shows.

“I want to play a videogame, but I don’t have internet”

“My console/mobile phone needs an update”

Accidentally calling 911 on your watch

Everyone complaining about the actor who’s going to play Batman.


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