16 Things That Modern Kids Will Not Understand

Using a pencil to reel in a cassette — sometimes, even your finger

Yes, we had CDs. Yes, we had to clean them regularly.

Also, we “typd lyk dis” to save $$$.

This pipe screensaver was on every computer at school.

Collecting Polly Pockets and showing off our collections

Our generation didn’t have online multiplayer games. We had Space Cadet.

Hanging up on someone on a flip-phone was therapeutic.

Waking up with Nickelodeon’s alarm clock

Spending hours playing on your Game Boy

Drawing and “magically” erasing things on magic slate drawing pads

All the cool kids had Playskool color-changing flashlights.

Having clear and transparent gadgets

Watching the teacher pull down maps in classrooms

Switching tapes to watch the rest of the movie

Disney read-along books and cassettes — this was every kid’s dream collection.

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