16 Unique “Once A Year” Things

“The annual consumption of the day-after-thanksgiving leftovers sandwich. Hellz yeah! I look forward to that bad Larry ALL year.”

“Every year, around Memorial Day, my wife and I watch Band of Brothers in its entirety”

“Christmas Day, pint down at the pub with my Dad”

“Dragon Con

Huge nerdy convention in Atlanta, GA over labor day weekend. It’s a non-stop party and I love it. This will be my 10th year going!”


I live in NY and there’s something that happens every year called Manhattanhenge, which is the sun setting along the east-west axis of the NY grid creating an amazing opportunity to see the buildings bathed in light. It’s become far too instagramy now but if you get a good vantage point it’s really great.”

“Watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one day.”

“State fair, fried sweets, like oreos or a twinkie, or a funnel cake.”

“Our local Renaissance Faire. I have attended every year since it’s opening, minus the year I had just given birth. Gets better every year!”

“UEFA Champions League. I love that s@#t.”

“Paczkis, those really good donuts that come around for like a week every year.”

“A visit to New Braunfels for Wurstfest.”

“I watch ‘Groundhog Day’ every Groundhog Day”

“Super Bowl. Only time I watch American Football. I even take the day off for it (because it’s in the middle of the night).”

“V for Vendetta on the fifth of November. Although these days I tend to fall asleep while watching it”

“Making a mince pie cake and then eating most of it by myself in the run up to Christmas.”

“Guys weekend every July. Go deep into the wilderness for 4 days and spend it all drinking beer, eating lots of food and sleeping on the bend of a peaceful river.”

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