16 Very Rare Body Features

“I have a tooth in the middle of my face.”

“My eye after an accident I had when I was 16”

“One of my pupils won’t dilate.”

“I met the guy who has no middle joints.”

“I was born with an eyebrow that curves up. My mom says it’s one of the first things she noticed about me.”

“My friend was born with a bald spot in the shape of a downvote.”

“My hair resembles a weather forecast.”

“I have a giant birthmark on my head.”

“The curl pattern in my daughter’s hair.”

“My thumb bends almost completely backward.”

“I’m halfway to looking like Popeye.”

“The only white hair on my body is growing on my eyebrow, and it’s pretty big compared to the other hairs.”

“My baby’s third toe is the longest.”

“The birthmark on my hand looks like a heart.”

“My left eye has 2 colors.”

“The guy next to me on the bus has 6 fingers.”

Source: brightside.me

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