16 Weird Mysteries To Leave You More Than A Little Unsettled

The world’s a spooky place, and there’s no shortage of unexplained events that we just can’t figure out.

This shit keeps me up at night. For real.

The Hollinwell Incident
During the 1980 Hollinwell Show in Nottinghamshire, England, a strange thing happened. It was supposed to be a charity showcase, with 11 marching bands and over 500 kids performing, when they all started collapsing.

According to witnesses, as well as the kids themselves, they felt as if they became boneless and just fell to the ground. Many suffered vomiting, sore eyes and throats, and dizziness. To date, there’s no underlying cause for the collapse, and all the medical tests showed nothing wrong or no contaminants in their system.

The Solway Firth Spaceman
In 1964, British fireman Jim Templeton took several photos of his daughter in an empty field. When he got the pictures back, one of them had this spaceman in the background. According to experts from Kodak, the photo is genuine and there’s no trickery involved.

Other experts claim the figure in the back was his wife, wearing a light blue dress that got over exposed, but he went to his grave swearing that his wife was no where near them during that photo session.

To date, no one can prove it either way.

The Bloop
In 1997, an underwater microphone captured a super-low frequency sound deep in the ocean. Many suspected that it was the sound of a gigantic and unknown sea animal, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said they were pretty sure it was just an ice shelf cracking.

Pretty. Sure. Right…

The Overtoun Bridge
There’s just something about this bridge that dogs and kids don’t like. Since the 1950’s, over 600 dogs have jumped to their deaths from this bridge in Scotland.
Then, in 1994, a man tried to toss his baby over the side, claiming it was the spawn of Satan. Other kids just don’t want to go near the bridge at all.

So far, there’s absolutely no reason for the mass dog suicide. Scientists claim that dogs smell animals in the underbrush, try to hop on the side and topple over. But anyone who knows dogs, knows what a dog on a scent looks like, vs a dog that just perks up it’s ears, and just clears the side, falling 50 feet below.

The disappearance of the princes in the tower
When Edward IV of England died in 1483, he asked his brother to watch over his sons – 12yo Edward and 9yo Richard. They were locked in the Tower of London by their uncle for safekeeping, but disappeared.

To date, no trace of the boys has been found.

The mysterious identity of Bible John
In the late 60’s, three women were found brutally murdered, but the identity of their killer is unknown. Witnesses all separately claimed that the suspect quoted the bible before the killings, and each account was so similar that there’s no doubt that the same man committed the crimes.

But no one knew who he was or ever found him.

2016 disappearance of Dutch and British shipwrecks
Back in 2002, the remains of 3 wrecked WWII ships were found in the Java Sea in Indonesia and it was a huge discovery. Two years ago, researchers went to take a look at the remains, and found that all 3 ships were gone.

One theory was that the ships were stolen and sold, but there’s no evidence of any of it anywhere.

The haunted Toys “R” Us in Sunnyvale, CA
As if rows of creepy dolls aren’t spooky enough, this location used to be a ranch back in the day. Apparently, a ranch hand fell in love with a girl, but fell into a wood chipper and ended up haunting the ranch.

This store now has phenomena that move the toys around, play with the lights, and cause strange laughter.

The moving coffins of the Chase Vault
The Chase Vault is a large burial vault of coffins in the Christ Church Parish cemetery in Barbados. According to the legends, starting in the 1800s, every time the vault was opened, the coffins would be in different places.

To date, no one can explain how this happens in a tightly sealed crypt.

The Vampire killing of Lilly Lindeström
In May 1932, sex worker Lilly Lindeström was murdered in her home in Stockholm, and was dead for 3 days before she was found.

Police found her naked, killed by blunt force trauma to her head, and completely drained of blood. Even weirder, there was a gravy ladle left next to her body.

The case remains unsolved.

The Isdal Woman
The charred body of an unnamed woman was found in Norway’s “Death Valley” in 1970. She was found to have died from sleeping pills and carbon monoxide poisoning, but how she got there, and how she got charred is still a mystery. As well, she had no ID, all the labels had been removed from her clothes and pill bottles.

Some witnesses swore that they spoke to her, while the evidence showed that she’d been dead long before anyone had claimed to have spoken to her.

Missing Northwest Orient Airlines flight 2501
This plane was carrying 55 passengers and 3 crew, when it went missing over Lake Michigan during a flight from NYC to Seattle, in 1950. Authorities found some light debris and human body parts floating in the lake, but the bulk of the plane and passengers are still missing.

The 11-day disappearance of Agatha Christie
On December 3rd, 1926, the author got into her car and drove off. She wasn’t seen again until Dec 14th, after the launching one of the largest search parties in history. Her car was found abandoned, but had no signs of an accident.

When she was found, it was in an England hotel, but she couldn’t remember a single detail about the past 11 days.

Even weirder; according to witnesses, for those eleven days, she was living under the pseudonym of her husband’s mistress and pretending to be her. But again, did’t remember doing that.

The Vela Incident
The American Vela Hotel satellite recorded a double flash in September 1979, off the coast of the Prince Edward Islands in Antarctica. To date, the true details are still classified, but double flash lights are indicative of nuclear tests. So who was testing bombs and why?

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