17 Before VS. After Photos Show The Magic Of Cleaning

“Moved into an apartment with a neglected shower drain… Really happy with the before and after!!”

“Someone on Reddit recommended Iron Out for a hard water stained dishwasher in our new rental, one cycle and the results are amazing.”

“I couldn’t handle how gross my sister’s tea kettle was from stove spatters. Some Bar Keepers Friend and a little elbow grease did the job!”

“After 2 years of living here, I finally have a living room!”

“Citrus cleaner, cloths, scrubber, water vacuum, and hot water got the job done.”

“Bar Keepers Friend and elbow grease”

“Before and after organizing refrigeration control wires”

“Cleanup of the laundry room”

“My significant other and I spent the weekend power washing.”

“Shed revamp”

“Spring cleaning — Power washing edition. Mildew — it’s a Florida thing.”

“A cleaning session for your computer’s CPU is always important.”

“Here was my room, it looked roughly like this for a few weeks. I decided to pull myself together. A day and a half later, this is the final product, though there is a portion of my room you can’t see, I think it is still satisfying.”

“I got out of my funk and began cleaning my kitchen… Finally.”

“This might be the best before and after photo I’ve ever taken. Cleaning the garage…”

“I can’t believe I was able to push myself to do this. I am sooo relieved.”

“I cleaned my way out of my depression nest so I could start the new year on a better (and cleaner) note. Here’s to 2021!”

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