17 Best Treasures From People’s Family Archives

“I broke my front teeth in half, and while they were getting fixed, I requested a pic be taken mid-procedure.”

“This is my great-grandmother (98), holding hands with my cousin (30). It’s crazy what time does to the body.”

“Lucky (our cat) has embraced Micah (our son) as a part of the family.” And if you like hugs, this ring was made for you – hugging ring

“He decided to pull a prank on the dentist this morning.”

“My little cousin offered to carry my coat around Union Station.”

“He wanted hair on his chest for his birthday.”

“My cousin asked his girlfriend to prom.”

“She just caught the biggest lobster I’ve ever seen.”

“Took a picture of a man and daughter at a coffee shop to show them what they would look like in 10 years.”

“My 100-year-old grandpa holding my 1-day-old cousin!”

“Found this picture of my mom in the ’70s, and this is my older sister now.”

“My cousin donated all of his presents on his birthday to Toledo’s Children’s Hospital for terminally ill children. He is 6!”

“One of the few pictures we have of my husband’s dad, and on the right is my husband 27 years later holding our daughter!”

Source: brightside.me

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