17 Body’s Secrets Revealed By X-Rays

The brain of a person in a coma and the brain of a healthy person

This is a panoramic shot of a jaw. The man forgot to take his glasses off.

A 16-month-old boy swallowed a foreign object. It’s a Sponge Bob pendant.

Tractography (a special MRI method) shows the nerve tracts that connect different regions of the brain.

An X-ray of a patient who had a facelift procedure with gold threads

A CT-scan of the abdominal area of a guy who was caught transporting illegal substances

An image of an ankle viewed from the side made with a spectral scanner

These are the blood vessels in the finger. This is why we bleed when we cut our fingers even a little.

The aorta is the biggest artery in our body.

The teeth of a person who is 7 (the photo on top) and a person who is 30 (the photo on the bottom)

Bonus: Sometimes radiologists are tired of looking through scans and decided to make a joke

A patient-cosplayer got stuck in a stormtrooper costume. Actually, not really.

This X-ray of a human shows an implanted AbioCor Replacement Heart.

A woman with a baby in an MRI scanner

A woman put on a lot of makeup before her CT-scan. The machine scanned her heavily made up eyelashes.

An X-ray of a patient that weighs 410 lb

This shows alcohol-related vermian atrophy. Because of the alcohol, the brain and cerebellum have decreased in size.

This is the mini nuclear reactor of Tony Stark in an X-ray.

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