17 Childhood Photos That Will Make You Laugh

“In fifth grade, I was worried I would blink and mess up my yearbook photo.”

“Yeah…so I had a wild imagination as a kid.”

“I vouched for this look in my second-grade photo.”

“The year was 1978 — my little brother, me, and a whole lot of polyester. Mom meant well.”

“It was 2004, I was 14 years old, and I used Microsoft Paint to jazz up my selfies.”

“A photo of my brother and me on our grandma’s favorite mug back in 1998”

“Here I am with my Elijah Wood wall, circa 2004.”

“In 1989 I made myself a ’Fartbusters’ uniform and sang in the streets: ’If something smells strange in your neighborhood…’”

“Planking — need I say more?”

“My cousin’s preschool photo”

“The year was 2006. I really thought I did something cool here.”

“My sister’s ’I’m a filmmaker’ portrait”

“Family trip to the CN Tower, circa 2001 — I was ’too cool’ to play along.”

“1995 — I’m the one on the left. Someone should have been fined for letting me walk around with that hair.”

“My friends and I took turns recording ’music videos.’ This is me ready to go for my rendition of ’Helena’ by My Chemical Romance.”

“10-year-old me idolized Avril Lavigne.”

“I met ’The Beatles,’ my favorite band, at age 11 at Disney World, circa 2004.”

Source: brightside.me

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