17 Coworkers That Can Be Extremely Annoying

Coworkers who can’t properly switch the toilet paper.


Coworkers who let the phone get tangled like this.

Coworkers who organize their files diabolically.

Coworkers who park like this cannot be trusted.

A coworker who put back half used receipt rolls.

Coworkers who leave utensils in food are the worst.

Coworkers who let the stapler get out of hand and don’t want to fix it.

Coworker who didn’t put the trash bin back in its place after emptying it. Now we got a real mess on our hands.

A coworker who mixed m&m’s and Skittles.

A coworker who rearranged the letters on a keyboard–actually a funny prank.

Coworkers who are too lazy to dispose of their cigarette butts even though the disposal is right there.

Coworkers who punch holes in paper like this.

Nice mopping job!

These coworkers who haven’t been cleaning their hands before using the oven mitts at a bakery.

Coworkers who can’t properly open things.

Or who can’t properly cut things.

Or they just want a little piece of something.


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