17 Examples Of Unconventional Thinking

“This old building has a “floor light” below a skylight, so the light reaches the lower floor.”

“This local store has an 11th-century Viking well and stone.”

“The vet we went to today has a hay cafe for all the bunnies to snack on if they wish.”

“The unique entrance of the internet cafe I go to”

“This creative cafe includes a pop-up book in its menu.”

“This cafe has clouds hanging from the ceiling.”

“This side table at a cafe has a crank to raise or lower it.”

“A cafe near me uses different-colored mustaches instead of table numbers for bringing you your order.”

“This sushi restaurant had 2 soap options in the restroom.”

“My dentist has a small restroom for children.”

“My bank has a punching bag in their restroom.”

“This restaurant is using a huge pot as a sink in their bathroom.”

“This restaurant has an upside-down car as decor.”

“All the chairs in this cafe are wearing socks.”

“This noodle shop gives you a hot steel egg along with your meal. It is there to warm up your soup if it gets cold.”

Source: brightside.me

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