17 Examples Prove That Parents Lied Quite A Lot

“That i’m a handsome young man”


““They’re only picking on you/being mean because they LIKE you.” No, no. They’re just being @$$sholes.”


“That I would get pregnant as soon as I had sex. Told me that as a teenager, so I was terrified I’d get pregnant every time I interacted with a penis. Now (a decade later), I’m married and have been actually trying and it turns it out it’s not as easy as they made it sound”


“’Parents always know what’s best for their child’’


“Just get a degree and you’ll able to get a very well paying job with health benefits and a solid pension.”


“That if I shave a dog, it’ll turn into a cat.”


““Don’t talk to strangers.” Then they got mad when I didn’t make friends because everyone I didn’t know was a goddamn stranger.”


“One of my friend’s grandfather told him that giraffes have long necks to reach over the zoo wall to eat children.”


“That work should be something you love It just has to be tolerable. If you make work your life, you will feel hit hard by the rough stages of work, which any job has. And you’ll feel bad for taking a sick day, or miss it when you should be enjoying time off”


““Your job is to do whatever your boss tells you to do.”

This led to a bunch of stupid situations of both me getting walked all over by employers and me quitting jobs over things that could have been fixed with a conversation.”


“That you can be ANYTHING. There are some things in life that you just will never be cut out for. My parents told me that I will be the next president if I work towards it. My family told me I would become an astronaut one day and have millions of dollars and a mansion. Some people think that you can do anything, but you’re not.”


““Respect your elders” but in the sense that you should just keep quiet when you disagree with somebody older than you – turns out many people are awful regardless of their age. Don’t get me wrong, my default is to respect any new person I meet, but when a person has repeatedly shown me that they don’t are about my feelings or even basic logic, I won’t hold back from speaking my mind calmly, even if they see this as disrespectful.”


“My dad on finances, “when you have money you spend it and when you run out you just stay home””


“That they were my parents. I was adopted.”


“That having the interior car light on while driving is illegal. My dad use to flip if we turned it on. In my country, it isn’t illegal but advised against not too as it can create glare and obscure your vision. This was confirmed to me by a traffic officer.”


“My mum made me believe that privacy was a privilege. Wasn’t until I started studying childcare and learning in depth about the rights of the child that I learned it is a right and that my mum is full of bulls@#t”


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