17 Fantastic Artwork Examples

“The 3D bottle of ketchup I made for a chalk art festival in Pittsburgh”

“Before and after shots of some of my favorite murals”

“Loved my son’s slippers so much I had to commission someone to make me a matching pair.”

“This before and after”

“Thermal hand rug”

“An acrylic painting I just finished titled Cold Commute”

“Just finished my saltine cracker painting.”

“A melting ice cream rug”

“Trying to finish one painting a day during my time off work. Here’s today’s piece.”

“I spent 16 years developing my art style, now it pays the bills.”

“I just finished my first mural! It’s on a traffic light signal box in Brisbane, Australia.”

“My oil painting of a PB & J and a glass of chocolate milk”

“A little koi pond in a teacup! I sculpted the koi, lilies, and turtle from polymer clay.”

“I went down to Chinatown in NYC and did some watercolor painting. Here’s the result.”

“I painted a mural on the Colorado Denver campus and took a pic of the inspiration in front.”

“I made a real dandelion pendant out of epoxy resin.”

Source: brightside.me

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