17 Fascinating Educational GIFs That’ll Blow You Away

These people are demonstrating a theory that states that the Easter Island giants may have been ‘walked’ to their locations.

Wisdom teeth removal.

This slinky absorbs the drop before… dropping, entirely.

This is an X-Ray showing us how hamsters are able to fit so much food in their mouths!

This gif shows the development of the human face in the womb

Key & lock.

Underwater, the yolk and whites remain intact.

These boxes demonstrate why the Pythagorean Theorem is true.

An angular crank in motion.

“Nitrogen Triiodide is an extremely sensitive explosive compound that, when dry, can be detonated by the lightest of touches or vibrations. “

How a dog laps up water with the back of the tongue.

The chrysopelea can glide up to 100 meters through the air.

This is how your nose ‘runs cold’.

How a mosquito finds blood.

Did you know that your eyes jiggle?

This is what swallowing looks like.

Ice cream sandwich production.

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