17 Funny Photos Of Pets Stealing Food

“I can put my hand through this little hole quietly and without anyone noticing…”

“Caught the tomato thief.”

“This is my cat fighting to keep the sausage she stole from the table.”

“Cute thief, stole my mini pancake.”

“Magpie making off with his stolen chocolate cookie.”

“He stole my lunch apple!”

“Hehe, Hugo stole the baguette from the table.”

“You know that muffin you left on the side? It exploded.”

“I stole what? Impossible…”

“He stole my iced coffee!!!”

“Aspen, the cat burglar”

“My dog stole a potato off the counter and made me chase him. His idea of a prank.”

“Caught them with a stolen pancake and they followed me upset.”


“My cat stole some school kid’s lunch.”

“He had a look of regret on his face, but he kept the bagel.”

“Soup thief! Caught red mouthed.”

“We got a nugget thief… caught red nosed!”

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