17 Kids Who Are Masters Of Parental Nightmares

These little ones have a talent for keeping their parents on their toes and their hearts in their throats.

This 3-year-old drew a picture of her “imaginary mum” who visits her at night (?!?!?!?!), and this was her description

This kid’s smiley face scooter is NOT what you want to see in your dimly lit kitchen

Comedian Nash Flynn has this story, which would absolutely keep me up at night for years if it happened to me

This person’s little brother — age 4 — drew what he saw in his room last night. UMMMM

This is a fun note to find randomly on your bedroom dresser, right? Yeah

It’s official: Manicure Barbie is the scariest doll to find left in the middle of the room at night

This kid is honest with their feelings, at least

Nobody knows why this kid was playing with their Barbies this way, and I’m not sure anybody wants to know

This kid had a compliment to give, but gave it in the creepiest way

This kid drew a very fun and not-at-all nightmare-inducing drawing in class

This kid’s Halloween costume scared the ever-living crap out of pretty much everyone (good job, kid)

This is a collection of doll hands that two young sisters are keeping. Why? The parents have no idea

This kid had a loose tooth that was bleeding, so naturally, they left a “message” for their parents

This family had brand-new neighbors move in next door. Their kid decided to leave this “science experiment” on the new neighbors’ doorstep

This kid keeps leaving their dolls out and nearly giving their poor parents a heart attack when they switch on the lights at night

Here’s a two-fer

It’s the “again” that would have me packing up

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