17 Movies Too Hard To Watch Twice

“Seven pounds”


“The pianist….i never wasted food in my life after that”


“The Road

I bought it because it made me feel emotions… But then I never rewatched the movie. It’s almost too brutal. It’s like The Pianist f@#ked Mad Max.”

Willywambam & PigCopsFatTits

“Definitely Schindler’s List. An excellent movie but hard to watch. A one and done with me.”


“Schindler’s List covers depressing material, but I don’t find it too depressing to rewatch.

Hotel Rwanda, on the other hand, is incredibly depressing because the real life events behind it took place after Schindler’s List was filmed and released. It really serves as a reminder that humans keep doing the same horrible things over and over again. We never, ever learn.”


“Million Dollar Baby. After seeing it in theater with some friends, we literally each bought and ate an entire pie just to feel happy about something. That movie was devastating”


“A Marriage Story. Amazing in every way and while it ends on a somewhat lighter note, the movie is such an emotional wrecking ball that I can never go through it again. It doesn’t help I watched it right after getting married either.”



a movie abt a dog that waited for his dead owner to return at the train station he took for years on end till he passed away of old age”


“The Lovely Bones”


“The Green Mile”


“Where the Wind Blows. Nothing animated should be that harrowing”


“Leaving Las Vegas.

Opening scene – I thought he was stocking up for a huge party. Nope.”


“Marley and me 🙁

I remember all the ads and previews for that movie making it seem like it was a happy “couple and a dog” movie.

F@#kin’ liars.”

Thrusherflusher & soulreaverdan

“Children of Men.”




“Toy Story 3.

Watched it once, though it was great, bawled my eyes out, will never watch it again. Got enough feeling bad about humans and pets, don’t need to feel guilty over toys as well dammit.”


“‘What dreams may come’

It blows my mind that Robin Williams starred in a movie about suicide and where you go when you take your own life, and he did it anyways. I mean even though it’s just a movie, it makes watching it very hard now. It’s hard to believe he is gone.”


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