17 Photos Full With All Kinds Of Emotions

“Birthday present for my sister”

“I got a cat book… sums up my relationship status.”

“’A Punk in a Sea of Tweens’ – My friend recently took this picture while working a boy band concert.”

“My sister is a freshman in high school and this is her new boy thing. I’m taking them to a dance.”

“Our dog was hiding under the sofa, so we had to turn it on its side to stop her. Shortly after, we found her like this…”

“Noticed that my gf’s hair looked like an upside-down beard. Then I drew on her forehead.”

“A family friend just met his newest niece, Claire. Anabel is her big sister.”

“I went to a wolf sanctuary this weekend. This is how they introduce themselves and decide if they like you.”

“Sister said, ’I’ll save so much money if I cut the dog’s hair myself.’ She is no longer allowed near the dog.”

“My dad fed my sister the same way he fed our dog.”

“Saw my cat sleeping in a familiar pose so I made him into a shirt.”

“My sister got me to join Weight Watchers.”

“Sad bear popped a hole in my friend’s pool.”

“My 8-year-old sister and I got each other the same present.”

“I got my mini quad-copter stuck in my gf’s hair and now she’s mad. Send help.”

“So this is how my day began.”

“Sister messaged me to ask how the wax strips were, tidying up my unibrow.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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