17 Photos Prove That Small Things Matter

“I’m fairly certain my dog got a goodbye kiss from my girlfriend this morning.”

“My wife said everything suddenly went quiet. Looked up from my laptop to see this.”

“Rather than cutting down this tree for the power line, they simply carved a hole.”

“I can see my reflection in this picture of my cat.”

“Discovered 13 paper cranes in my university library.”

“A succulent growing out of a book at the Mitchell park domes in Milwaukee”

“Thanksgiving dinner at the shelter”

“I like to leave the change I get from vending machines just in case anyone comes up short.”

“I ordered food and they wrote this on the bag.”

“A 4-leaf clover my great-grandmother found in 1922 in her diary”

“I opened the mustard bottle and a heart popped right out.”

“My favorite heifer has a heart on the side of her neck.”

“A mother owl with her kids”

“A friendly neighborhood dog by a sign saying you can pet the friendly neighborhood dog”

“This heart between rocks in Corsica”

“4-year-old: ’Guinea pig is cold!’ Wife: ’On it!’ 2 hours later…”

“I ate this dim sum, a pig face steamed creamy custard bun!”

Credits:  brightside.me

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