17 Photos Show That Our World Can Be So Weird

“Get the good boy some roasted chicken.”

“It got hit by a bear last night. He left fingerprints.”

“This book was completely ravaged by termites.”

“Look at this oddly shaped banana I found.”

“I had to pay 50 cents to use the restroom, but there is a cutout for kids to use it for free.”

“This giant blueberry I found today”

“This ’ice grass’ that forms at my job sites”

“The frost on my car window was melted by the sun through the mirror.”

“These ants found shelter on a tennis ball.”

“This fungus looks like a chocolate-covered doughnut.”

“This restaurant near my house uses concrete sewer pipes for outdoor seating.”

“The way a tiny crab builds this pattern out of sand balls”

“This pipe was painted to look like the bricks.”

“This plant growing out of a traffic cone”

“The snow melted and slid down the wire in a spiral form.”

“How these clam shells fit together”

“The inside of this apple was eaten by wasps.”

Source: brightside.me

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