17 Photos Show That Reflections Always Look Like Magic

“The reflection of my TV makes it look like Girl with a Pearl Earring is in my backyard.”

“I sat on a bench outside an office and noticed that my reflection in the window perfectly fit in the chair.”

“This lamp reflection in the window looks like the arrival of an alien ship.”

“Thought this was a desktop background, but it’s just a reflection of our couch.”

“A version of Schrödinger’s cat who’s in and out of the box at the same time”

“The reflection in my trumpet creates a tiny planet effect.”

“This reflective phone looks like see through glass.”

“The reflection on my car’s roof makes the street look flooded.”

“My cup of tea is full of stars thanks to the ceiling light reflection.”

“The reflection of the face image creates another face with a huge smile and a hat.”

“My camera focused on the reflection on my watch.”

“The lamp reflection shows googly eyes behind my sunglasses.”

“The reflection makes a “ghost” mansion float in the air.”

“Leaving a rain storm: Blue skies ahead, darkness behind.”

“I covered a door in mirrored paper squares and now it looks almost like some sort of portal.”

“My house, reflected in the car window, looks like a wobbly spooky mansion.”

“The clouds reflected on this building look pixelated, like a video game.”

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