17 Secrets From People Who Know How To Be Happy

Let’s start off with your self-view. It’s pretty obvious, but happy people know what they’re worth and they believe in themselves. They know that they’re in the drivers seat of their life, and make shit happen.

Happy people know better than to treat people poorly, because they know how they like to be treated. The better you act towards other people, the better they’ll act towards you, and that’s a pretty good thing.

Of course, you need to always be reaching for the stars, but don’t forget the things you do have. Happy people appreciate all the things that make their life, theirs.

If you surround yourself with positive people, you’ll absorb good habits, and you’ll all pump each other up.

When you spend your life binging stuff, you miss out on life. TV helps you to disengage from life and lose the ability to connect with the world around you and with others. Appreciate the world that you have.

Happy people know that success comes from producing great work and giving everything 100%. Don’t settle for meh, always try to be more.

If a relationship doesn’t enrich you, cut it out. Seek deeper and more beneficial relationships.

If something doesn’t work, you’d be insane to keep on trying to do the same things over and over again to make it work. You need to take a step back and refine your approach. Find new answers to old problems.

Letting things go is a hard skill to learn, but once you do, you’ll be better off for it. If it doesn’t bring you up, it’s only bringing you down.

It’s about being the better person and not holding on to resentment or anger. Let shit go, forgive, and move on. Be better, not bitter. It’s less toxic for the soul.

Being liked on a superficial level doesn’t mean shit. Happy people go genuine actions and don’t go out of their way to be liked. They do what they do, and if it gets people in their corner, great. If not, their loss.

It’s pretty obvious, but exercise releases happy neurotransmitters and helps you manage your mood and feel better about yourself.

We all fall into routines, and get caught up in them, and ignore the beautiful things in life. Happy people appreciate the little moments, the delicious meals and that beautiful sunset.

They’re generous. Research shows that spending money on other people, makes you happier than spending it on yourself. You’ll feel good, making others feel good.

Getting your required amount of sleep helps improve mood, focus and self-control. It helps your brain and body recharge, and makes you your best self. Happy people make sleep a priority.

They avoid gossip, small talk and judgements. They seek intimate and deep conversations. They engage with people on a personal level, and it helps build emotional connections and is also a great way to learn something new from someone else.

In line with spending money on others, it’s also spending your time on others. Making someone’s day/life better releases oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine; all chemicals that make you feel fantastic.

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