17 Stores Around The World Have In Their “American” Sections

“The largest size for Hellmann’s mayo is called “American size” in my country”

“From the “American Food” section in France”

“In Germany you can purchase one Gallon cans filled with American style Hot Dogs.”

“While everyone in the US is waiting for German food week, here in Germany I’m waiting for American food week”

“I live in Madrid and I went to the American grocery store to look for relish (they had it!) and I saw this. I felt proud!”

“Found this tiny jug of milk in Japanese-American grocery store”

“I am an American living in Germany. My grocery store currently has a temporary “American food” section. Join me for a tour of what Germans think Americans eat.”

“These “Cool American” Doritos I found in Iceland”

“My sister sent a picture from the “American Food” section in a grocery store in Switzerland.”

“The extent to which sandwich bread and peanut butter are branded with USA stuff surprised me when I first visited here. also frozen pizza & french fries”

“Twinkies and poptarts in swedish ”disgusting food museum””

“Bought peanut butter from the American food section today (germany)”

“Venezuelan oreos are brown instead of black.”

“I wanted to buy some American groceries on Amazon UK until I saw this and realised that some things you just have to be born American to enjoy.”

“These 1 meter Pringles cans”

“In France, macaroni and cheese comes in a can.”

“I always love showing my friends in the US all the “American food” in Germany so here you go. I gotta say, that snack box looks pretty legit. That’s a White Castle order.”

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