17 Things Everybody Doing It Without Talking About It

“Picking their nose”

“Drinking milk out of the jug”

“Pissing in the shower…”


“Smelling their own farts.”

“We use cotton swabs to clean our ears even though we’re not supposed to.”

“You know… number 2? Anyone?”

“Not changing clothes often if they dont leave the house.”

“Finances. If everyone was open then others would learn.”

“Dwell on “what might have been””


“I sometimes get paranoid thinking that my devices are recording me doing all the stupid s@#t i get up to in my room, can anyone else relate with that?”

“Wipe their butt standing”

“I don’t know a man on the planet who’d deny peeing the poop stains off of a toilet.”

“I can’t remember the last time I heard a conversation about blinking.”

“The short few days of character development you adopt after watching a new movie at the cinema”

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