17 Things That Are Not Very Usual

This gold Rubik’s cube that uses different-sized shapes instead of colors.

This Walgreens that’s built within an old movie theater.

These trees casually floating in air.

This Prius that has SIX doors.

This 25 cent bill.

This insanely steep-looking bridge in Japan that looks like it’s from a universe where roads come down from the sky.

This cake that makes 7UP look like a brand of baked goods instead of soda.

This deck of cards that has a fifth suit — stars.

These purple peppers that look like an eggplant’s sibling.

This tiny bottle of Coke.

This orchid that looks like it has a face, and thoughts, and emotions, and something to say.

This view from an apartment during a storm that looks like it’s on an entirely different world that’s been through some apocalyptic things.

This weathered leaf that appears to be see-through.

This half-liter can of Pepsi with a resealable lid.

These little pieces of fruit from a cactus that look like miniature pineapples.

This burned lawn that looks like it’s from a world where black grass is the norm.

And finally, this photo’s strange perspective that makes it look like there’s a world with tiny pups and GIGANTIC DOGS.

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