17 Things We All Enjoy That Are Actually Against The Law In Some States

JFC Louisiana, what a lousisy damn law. You can’t surprise you friend with pizza delivery. Oh, no no no. Sure, you can have a pizza delivered to their house, but you have to ask permission first. Permission. FOR PIZZA! If I ever live in Louisiana I give anyone and everyone permission to send me surprise pizza!

Listen here women folk, this is Vermont and you might be able to vote, but we’ll be damned if you’re gonna run around all willy-nilly fake toothin’ it! Unless you get proper permission that is. From your husband.

Yeah, cause you know, the fortune tellers with licenses are the ones that really know what they’re doing. Thanks for looking out for our future well-being Massachusetts.

Georgia gives no fucks about your kinks. Some cities have removed the law, but the sale of sex toys is still banned in most of Georgia.

You better keep your road rage in check should you ever drive through Rockville, Maryland. It’s illegal to curse while driving, which must be pretty hard to enforce.

I am a dog person. I love my fur babies to death, but just like humans, sometimes you get a bad seed. I guess that’s why in Florida if you display a sign saying, “bad dog”, you’re not held liable if said dog bites someone.

In Carmel, CA you have to seek special permission to wear high heels. Don’t go gallivanting around showing your ankles either!

Regardless of all the weird shit Florida man does, they chose to ban internet cafes… WTF Florida? Most people just go to Starbucks now anyway.

These playful candy eggs are banned in the United States. There is a law against the sale of any candy with toys or trinkets embedded in it. My mom still checks my Halloween candy, so I get it.

“This is the lord’s day you will not swap spit” – people making laws in Hartford, Connecticut. Also, if you can swim you’re a witch!

California is definitely leading the charge in the US against plastic pollution. They recently made it illegal to use plastic bags. How many trips would it take to carry all your groceries in without those bags? Ugh!

In New Jersey you’re encouraged to fist pump, but yeah of course the Guidos and Guidettes can’t be trusted to pump their own gas. GTL!

Damnit, Tennessee sharing is caring! I guess they had a problem with people selling passwords? Like, seriously? Doesn’t everyone just mooch off their friends or family?

Way to be progressive Maine! Keep your skateboards off the sidewalk, and stay off my lawn otherwise we’ll hit you with a hefty $10 fine (seriously)! Maine is like the neighborhood grouchy old man of the United States.

No one likes a spitter, especially in Goodyear, Arizona. If you’re seen spitting in public areas it’s punishable by up to a $2,500 fine. I have some exes who need spitting rules of their own…

Carrizozo, New Mexico isn’t having you hipster girls and your hairy pits! I mean, it’s a weird law, but I’m not completely against it.

For the most part, laws make sense. They’re there to protect us from ourselves, each other and even the government. There are some laws, however, that aren’t just antiquated, they’re downright stupid. How many of these silly laws are you guilty of breaking, you hooligans?

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