17 Things We Will Never Stop Complaining About

We know it’s not going to change anything. But someone has to complain about this shit, if only to keep it in the public consciousness. Somehow, in some way.

People that take one step though a door then immediately stop moving.

People that throw garbage out of their car window or litter anywhere in general. Fuck those people, I get so angry!

People who stand right on top of the baggage carousel at the airport so no one behind them can see or get their bags.

If you’d all step back, we’d all be able to see and grab our bags in an orderly fashion. Idiots.


Fucking cobra chickens think they own the planet.

people play i will always love u as their first dance song at their weddings but its a fucking break up song

Women’s clothes not having pockets or a sufficient number of belt loops. WITNESS MY RAGE!

People who watch videos or listen to shit in a public place without headphones.

That dental insurance is treated as a separate entity from medical insurance.

Audio levels for movies and TV shows at home. I was watching Seinfeld on Hulu last night, TV volume at 12. Conversation was audible, intro and outro music, deafening. Switched to Homeland. TV volume on 75, still had to put captions on to understand the dialogue.

Lack of turn signal use.

when a television show starts to add “love triangles” or relationship drama to their show because they ran out of ideas. It’s when I know to stop watching a show or when it’s starting to go down hill.

Lazy, neglectful, inconsiderate pet owners with chronically barking dogs they leave outside to rot.


The headphone jack not being included in new cell phones.

schools giving homework on the first day..

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